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Vital Sense LLC

Set of Two Selenite Stick Wand Natural Gypsum Mineral Specimen

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Set of Two Selenite Sticks. Choose size. Gorgeous and versatile, high vibration Selenite Stick Wands. The energy Selenite radiates can be felt easily when holding or placed anywhere.

Selenite clears the mind bringing clarity and higher guidance. It opens all Chakras and is particularly good for the higher crown chakras because it can access the angelic consciousness.

It is a calm stone and brings about deep peace and is excellent for spiritual work and meditation. Selenite has so many amazing uses and benefits.

Use it to form a protective grid at home, cleanse and recharge other crystals and gemstones. It never needs to be cleansed itself.

You will receive ONE RAW Selenite Stick. Stone will be hand selected and they range in size and shape. Sizes available are 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch some may be a half size BIGGER.

In the event that stock runs low on 3 or 4 inch sticks you will be upgraded at no extra cost to a larger selenite stick.



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