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Vital Sense LLC

Sage Smudge Protection Kit with Palo Santo & Selenite Stick

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Protection Sage Smudge Bundle. Perfect for mindfulness, manifesting and other spiritual rituals like banishing negativity, cleansing home and sacred spaces as well as charging crystals.

Comes complete with small silver bucket that is perfect for extinguishing your Sage and Palo Santo and storing for later.


• 1 Sage Wand
• 1 Palo Santo Stick
• 1 Selenite Stick roughly 3 to 4 inches in length
• 1 Small ( Mini ) Silver Bucket 

Please note that these items are genuine and natural. Variations of colors, size, texture and shape will vary. All crystals and gypsum are natural. Selenite is in rare form and any crystal add in is tumbled unless otherwise noted.


This product is not meant to cure, diagnosis or prevent illness or disease. Not evaluated by the FDA. For entertainment purposes only. Serendipity World is not responsible for outcomes. Use responsibly. Burning incense including Sage and Palo Santo should always be supervised. Watch for falling or flying ash or particles that could burn carpet, clothing, furniture, floors, wood and other fabric and flammable materials. Never leave unattended while burning. Burn in a well ventilated area.



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