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Prosperity Crystal Wish Bottle, Gemstone Chip Mini Stone Set

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Glass vial mini citrine crystal wish stone bottle. Portable for pockets and purses and make great unique shower favors, too.

From setting clear intentions, making a wish, to using for grids to prosperity corners, these little gemstone filled bottles are the perfect addition to your spiritual journey.

Promote inner peace, wealth, prosperity, love, abundance and more. Whatever your intention these little bottles will give you the motivation and high vibe you desire. They can help assist with letting go of the past and inventing your future.


5 ml Glass bottle with cork ( 22 mm diameter, 30 mm height ). Each bottle holds roughly 20-30 stones and will vary in shape and sizes due to their natural state.
Prosperity Mini Crystals consisting of pyrite, citrine and green aventurine with clear quartz.
Complete with wish stone card, gift box of 3.5 x 3.5 x 1

These are genuine crystals. Sizes, color and shape will vary.

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