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Positive Affirmations For Love Instant Download, Vision Board Printable Art, Romance Mantra, Manifesting Rituals, Dream Board Graphic

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Positive Affirmations are a tool to use to help set a clear intention about a specific desire to change your mindset. In order to manifest your intension(s) you have to act in such a way that you have already obtained the desire and be in that emotion. This is where most people have a hard time manifesting and generally give up. You can say a hundred affirmations a day ( that is to challenging and counter productive because most find it overwhelming ) but if you don't genuinely " feel " and have " emotion " towards it, the likelihood of manifesting your desire is none or at the very least " stalled ".

I have created affirmations in such a way that a story is told as if your desire is already a tangible thing, and the best part there are only THREE affirmations but each affirmation has a short caption that tells the story of you and your partner. Yes, you and your partner. Your partner already exists, you just haven't united romantically, YET.

You will receive ONE digital download that tells a story about you and the love of your life. It contains 3 graphics relating to love and is colorful, but toned. This is meant to be printed and hung in sight or you can place in a journal page, on a vision board or in a safe place. It is recommended to repeat the script at least two times a day, but you can certainly do more.


• Instant digital download ( a physical product will not be shipped )
• JPEG format and can be printed on 8.5 x 11 plain paper, cardstock or 8x10 photo paper
• Contains 3 affirmation headings with 3 captions and 3 photos


Digital downloads are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. You will receive a download link immediately following your payment. Should you receive the wrong file, please reach out to me. I will then send you the correct file. Serendipity World makes no claims to the effectiveness of affirmations or manifesting services as each person is subject to " their own will and emotions around desires ".



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