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Herbal Alchemy Wax Melts With Crystal Inside, Set of Two, Meditation Wax Cubes,

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Aromatherapy Healing Crystal and stones Soy Glitter Tart Wax Melts, set of 2. Beautiful, genuine crystal infused within the wax and reveals itself upon melting. This is an amazing way to set your intentions, release and let go.


• Each melt is scented in an herbal blend to help assist in all area's of intentions and meditation.
• Arrives in a 2 oz plastic cup with lid. Simply remove from cup and place into your approved candle and/or tart warmer. You may cut in half, yielding two uses per melt. This will not effect the energy of the melt whatsoever.
• Each tart melt is 2 oz and the size of the stone will range from small to medium. Every melt is Reiki Charged.
• Contains a genuine tumbled crystal randomly selected

These hand poured, made to order, soy wax blend candle tarts, contain glitter ( color of your choice ) and a natural crystal, that has been tumbled, never dyed, authentic stone.

How To Use

Simply set your attention and soak in the aroma. Remove your stone was the wax starts to melt and breaks away from the stone. A spoon works great.

For Meditation and Manifesting : Set your intention, visualize the intention happening and thank God/Universe for it. Declare ; So it is.


Cut melt in half, remove from cup and place in warmer. Do not add water or any other liquid or solid sources.

Suitable for all approved candle warmers, tart warmers, and oil burners containing tea lights

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