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Vital Sense LLC

Crystal Soap Bar Set of 7 Intention Soaps With Crystal For Mindfulness

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Reiki infused gemstone, crystal soap bars. Each soap is reiki infused and contains a genuine tumbled crystal. See below for each soap specifications. Beautiful, energy healing soap. Remove negative energy, uplift your thoughts, manifest with the law of attraction all while washing your body ! Re-energize your mind, body and soul with this energizing bath soap that has soaked up all the energy of every crystal placed inside.

Soap bars are shaped as various crystals and gemstones. Each soap contains an embedded crystal that continues to charge your soap with every wash. When the crystal removes itself from the soap, it has completed its job. Remove the crystal and use by carrying on your person, in your purse, under your pillow or however your crystal leads you.

Pure essential oils create an exhilarating scent. Glycerin soap is moisturizing and makes a great beauty bar.

You Will Receive 1 of each soap for a total of 7 as follows : Gift Box Included. Sizes and Colors of box may vary based on availability.

1. Purple Soap Bar with genuine amethyst tumbled gemstone scented in CALMING BLEND
2. Orange Soap Bar with genuine Carnelian tumbled gemstone scented in CITRUS BLEND
3. Green Soap Bar with genuine green aventurine and scented in UPLIFTING BLEND
4. Yellow Soap Bar with genuine Citrine tumbled gemstone scented in MANIFESTING BLEND
5. Clear Soap Bar with genuine Snowflake Obsidian tumbled gemstone scented in SPIRITUAL AWAKENING
6. Pink Soap Bar with genuine Rose Quartz tumbled gemstone scented in ROMANCE BLEND
7. Blue Soap Bar with genuine Clear Quartz tumbled gemstone scented in HERBAL ALCHEMY

Each crystal ranges from 1/2 to 1.5 inches

* I Reiki charge each and every crystal.
* Therapeutic grade essential oils are used to create each scent
* These are large, thick slices of pure soap ( minus the crystal ). Each slice weighs between 5+ ounces.
* Each soap bar is vegetable glycerin base
* Skin safe dye is used to achieve coloring

Ingredients - Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide saponifying agent, Sorbitol moisturizer, Sorbitan oleate emulsifier, Soy bean protein conditioner, Glycerin kosher of vegetable, body safe colorant if applicable, crystal



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