E Commerce Tips

Etsy & E Commerce Tips

As an Etsy or E Commerce sellers, it’s important to learn and understand the virtual world of not only technology but buying and selling. Below, I have categorized some of the biggest names in our virtual world and what they mean for you :

  • Titles, Tags, Descriptions - Do they match ? They should. This is great help when it comes to SEO. Tagging, Titling and using those tags in your description, makes you keyword friendly.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. How do you understand it. Here is the best way. Think like a consumer, then like a robot. Create 10 keywords for your product, website, blog or service. Use these keywords within your titles, tags and descriptions. The Robots ( of search engines ) will find you relevant. Consumers will use those tags and keyword terms to find you within a google search.
  • Social Media - Utilize these platforms, platforms such as twitter, tik tok, facebook, yelp, tumblr, instagram, snapchat, to share your product or services. Have others help support you and share your content as well.
  • Marketing and Advertising - Marketing and Advertising is crucial to your business both online and offline. Don’t be afraid to spread the word with a good old friendly handshake and business card. Let family and friends know, share your business card with others. Create a press release. Market your story, speak with your heart not your head.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms I have seen to date. When you pin an item from Etsy or anywhere, it gives a link ( backlink – good thing ) back to the original creator of the content being pinned. When you pin from Etsy, it also creates a banner with the price. Be sure to fill in your description and also share the love by pinning other things from Pinterest. 
  • Business Pages - Creating them is simple and if you use Facebook you can kill two birds with one stone. Your business page will become your resource for staying in touch and engaged with your audience. And, it’s a great way to organize etsy coupon codes, photos of your etsy shop and items, create contests and giveaways and just interact with others. It’s a great way to bring more traffic to your etsy shop, blog and website.

There Is An Entire Virtual World That Awaits You

While I love Etsy, I always say : don't put your eggs in one basket. There are many sites that offer a forum for your product or service. Sometimes these places are the best way to drive traffic back to your Etsy site or website and if you grab a sale in the process excellent ! While many often complain about Etsy and it's changes, I must say, I have been " studying " Etsy for some time as a SEO and Social Media strategist. While many do not like change, I must say in regards to SEO the changes Etsy is making for the long term will benefit the Etsy seller. While some of these changes may be slow and/or not benefit a seller out of the gate, it is important for one to remember that your business IS your business and it's not the responsibility of any platform to grow your business for you. You must take the steps to share your business and grow your SEO. While I have sold in many places over the last two decades, I can honestly tell you that having your own website will always ensure that you can run your business with hiccups. While you are waiting for your Etsy to flourish, take advantage of other sites - remember : A sale is a sale, no matter where you sale !

Your Best Photo Forward

You don’t have to have a high end camera or expensive material to capture great photos. 

Many household items and nature will create eye catching photos. Natural light is the best source when taking photos. I have found after taking photos for many years, taking them at an angle creates a wonderful dimension and adds sheen to any photo. 

Below is a list of great ways to enhance photos, using everyday items that are usually found in our house.

There are many things you can use to enhance your photos that are affordable, with things you already have. Here is a great list of ways to accomplish this :

  • Tree’s/Nature – If you are going for a vintage or woodsy feel, you can take great pictures from the railing of a porch. Any side table or dinner tray against a tree makes a great back drop as well. You can cover your table with an old lace curtain or swag to also spruce it up.
  • Candles – These are great for bath and body items. Add a couple of candles in your background and some artificial flowers. It really helps to add dimension to your product and it looks pretty !
  • Old shower curtains, curtains, bed linens and such, are a great way to create a back drop. You can easily adjust colors and style based on your products. If you don’t already own some of these items or have extras in your linen closet, most can be found at local goodwill stores and thrift stores very reasonably.
  • Bathtub – Any bathtub can do but especially a jacuzzi style tub. When displaying bath and body products, candles, etc, the use of a bathtub sends off a relaxing feel and also shows a potential buyer how your product can look and feel in their home. The best part about a bathtub, is that it is also neutral in color. For items where you need a shot from the top, you can place the item in the tub, alone, or spread out an old sheet etc. You can easily take your ‘ above ” photo without having to worry about other objects getting in the way like part carpet, part tile flooring etc.
  • Wood Floors – This is a great little trick I have used. If you don’t have wood floors, no worries. You can grab a couple of the laminate floating floors that snap together for a couple of dollars. This also creates a vintage and rustic look for your items.
  • Construction Paper or Card Stock – When all else fails and you simply just want to change background colors frequently, a package of multi colored card stock works wonderfully. You can add several, overlapping for a deeper look or use a single sheet for smaller items.

Your Description and a Call To Action

Whether you are an Etsy Seller, Online Boutique or other E Commerce venue, your descriptions are an important part of selling your item. Selling any item means first, creating a ” story ” about your item so a potential buyer feels connected to it. Once a buyer feels connected to the story they are more apt to purchasing the item. How do you do this ? Simple ?

  • What steps did you take to create your item ? Did your product start from an antique piece of jewelry that you recycled into the 21st century. Be specific but guard against giving away any trade secrets.
  • What makes your product or service stand out from the rest ? Why are you confident that your product or service is better than the next persons. You can do this in such a way as to not offend anyone but yet tell your story that will help others connect to you and your product.
  • Why did you create the item ? – Was it to teach others to be green, to recycle, or is it because it’s natural, handmade ?
  • Be Descriptive.- It’s important to always try your best to represent your item accurately and confidently. Describe it’s color, author, maker, designer. Any sizes if applicable, use adjectives and descriptive words.
  • Last Chance Clauses/ Call to Action – Why are these important ? Simple, if you have created a OOAK ( one of a kind ) product or service and it cannot be duplicated, it’s first come first serve. A buyer should know this. Sometimes, in our hectic lives we bookmark something hoping to come back to it later. How many times have you done this only to find that the product or service is no longer available ? If you product is OOAK, express this. Also, let someone know you have either limited quantities or only 1. This is sales etiquette and it’s not pushy.