Colors For Business


Did you know that brands actually use the psychology of colors to evoke specific reactions in people? Color has a powerful impact on how people behave and their reactions. In many cases color alone can be the determining factor if someone purchases a product. Visual appearances are extremely appealing to the eye especially online when a person cannot feel a tangible product. In real life visual - eye catching - product and packaging can be the single most determining factor in whether someone purchases your product or not.
Below is a list of colors often found on business websites or in marketing materials. If you are looking for more information on color therapy or psychology for your life click HERE 

Red is great for business because it represents power as well as urgency making it perfect for anyone who is offering a clearance sale and/or a call to action. Since red creates that urgency it speaks volumes in saying this message and/or product is powerful and you should stop and listen. 

Blue is the preferred color to men, but it also represent "trustworthiness" so it is perfect for anyone wanting to promote trust within their brand. It also represents reliability and productivity. Blue can be an excellent secondary color for a woman's based product to create that visual aspect of trust.

Green is associated with nature, health, power and tranquility. It's a relaxing color and great for anyone who is promoting holistic, environmental, alternative and any " green " products. Green sends the message of courage, protection and strength. 

Yellow is a cheerful color and often remembered more long term vs any other color. It is a color that supports optimism. It is an excellent "impulsive color" and would be great for launching new product lines because it could potentially help with bringing the impulse buyer to your store or product.

Purple appears to be the leading color in promoting beauty and anti aging brands, but it is also extremely powerful in the spiritual healing world of websites. Purple is known for royalty, respect, wisdom and healing. It stimulates the creative mind and energizes as well as balances.

Black, White and Grey
White is associated with the feeling of safety and purity. It is great as a secondary or background color. Be careful with too much grey because it is a depression color. Black is a good secondary color but too much becomes extremely overwhelming. Black is associated with power, strength and intelligence. It is good to use black, but limit the scale.