Air Plant Care


After you have carefully unpackaged your air plants and examined their beauty, give them a good soak in a water bath ( completely submerge in the water )for about 20-30 minutes. Gently shake off any excess water from the plant when the soak is complete. Set them in a spot with bright light and good air circulation to finish drying. Air plants do not like to stay wet for very long. If you air plant is affixed to something spray it with water, allow to sit and then shake off excess water. 


Air plants love bright light and should be kept in indirect sunlight or under fluorescent lighting in homes and offices. Some period of direct sunlight are okay, but no more than a few hours. Direct sunlight over long periods will deplete the plants of their moisture. If you keep them in direct sunlight be sure to spritz them with water every few days to keep them hydrated. 


While air plants do not grow in soil ( never put in soil ) they definitely need to be watered. Air plants are drought friendly and can survive without water for long periods of time, they will not grow or thrive and without water for very long periods of time, they will die off. 

Air plants can be neglected for periods of time so there is no real need to stress over strict schedules. However, to maintain a healthy and thriving plant your air plants should be watered at least once per week, 2-3 times a week for optimal care is best. If you live in hotter and drier climates like Florida for example, we recommend more frequent water misting. 

Wrinkled or rolled leaves is a sign of dehydration and it is best to soak the plant. 


It is perfectly normal for some of the lower leaves to dry out as the air plant grown and/or acclimates to its new environment. Gently, pull off the wilted or dead leaf. If the tips dry out ( normal over time ) just clip off with some scissors. It is recommended to clip the tips at an angle to keep the natural pointy looking top. You will not harm your plants during grooming, they will regrow! 


Air plants generally thrive in most conditions except when exposed to extreme sun or high heat temperatures without water for a long period of time or in frost. They do prefer a frost free environment so if outside be sure to bring them during months of frost, snow, hail or any inclement winter weather. 


Tillandsias are tropical plants and live for several years and will bloom and product flowers only one time during their lifetime. They flowers are beautiful and colorful and will last several days to many months depending on the specie of plant. Different species will bloom at different time and this also greatly depends on their care and environment. Mid winter and mid summer is generally when blooms appear. 


Around the time the air plants bloom they will produce " pups " or off shoots. You will notice that pups have a separate and distinct center of their own. Once the pup reaches at least 1/3 of the size of the parent plant, the pup can be removed gently by pulling it apart from the parent plant. Gentle twist in a downward motion holding both the pup and parent plant for gently removing. The pup plant will eventually become a parent plant producing blooms and pups of its own. 


Since air plants are very unique plants that do not require soil to grow and thrive they can be mounted to almost any different surface for a beautiful display. We recommend using the base of the plant as the mounting area and using industrial adhesives like E-6000, liquid nails or a hot glue gun to begin mounting. You will need to use a vessel that is water resistant or water proof since you will still be spraying with water to care for your plant. Simply add your glue to the base of the plant and affix to its new location. 


While air plants do not need fertilizing, fertilizer keeps them in optimal shape and should promote blooming and reproduction.