You Can Still Manifest Even If You Can't Meditate and Visualize - Scripting

You Can Still Manifest Even If You Can't Meditate and Visualize - Scripting

One of the things that people often miss when working with the Law of Attraction is the emotion that is needed to bring that something into your existence. First, let us take a deeper look into the brain. Your brain is designed to protect you. It is designed to inform you of potential dangers and risks. 

Manifesting With Scripting

Here is an example : You want to start a business. In your heart you know this is what you are really being called to do. From your heart to your soul you tremble with joy and you start planning the what, when and where. While you are doing this that little voice inside of you ( your brain ) is saying things like " What if you fail ? ", " What if you're not good enough ?", " Are you crazy, you have bills to pay, kids to feed !". 

Outcome : Your brain is doing what it is suppose to do. It is suppose to alert you to risks and dangers. The problem is that instead of working through the risks and dangers and " What if's " you allow them to fester and talk you out of what you so deeply desire in your life. You go back to what is " Comfortable " and your brain convinces you that you are safer this way. You believe it and so you go back to living exactly as you were. 

If you notice, in the beginning you were happy, full of joy and excitement at the prospect of starting your business. It was when you started to plan that your brain pulled the emergency break and you then went from a high vibration ( which you need to manifest ) to cancelling out that vibration entirely and stopping your desire to manifest because you came into a lower vibration.

High Vibration is in alignment with your desire and equals manifestation.
Low Vibration puts you out of alignment with your desire and most of the time voids what you are trying to manifest. 

So, how do you stop talking yourself right out of something that you truly desire? Scripting. Some would call this journaling and in some small way it is a journal, but it is not your ordinary journal entry. Scripting is actually creating a script for yourself and life as if you have already lived it. As if what you want has already happened. You can see yourself there, you can feel all the feelings associated with it.

Scripting - To sum it up, scripting is creating a story of how you want your life to be. And, you write about this life as if it is already here, as if you are already living it. You are the lead actress of your script ( your story ).

Why Scripting - Scripting helps in a number of ways. The first being is that you can write your story as you want it. As you begin writing your story you cannot help but to be filled with the positive emotions that living the life you want brings ( you are now in high vibration ). It also begins to retrain your brain to not " fear " so much by introducing it to new things, ideas and concepts that no longer seem risky.

I work with a lot of clients who cannot seem to get the visualization down through meditation and so they cannot get their emotion to a higher vibration which is needed to manifest. For some people this is not an easy task and even after trying for long periods of time, they simply cannot do it. Scripting is perfect for those who can't visualize ( create a story in their mind on a whim ) and find that when they meditate they visualize eating an ice cream cone instead ( I think we have all been there at some point ). 

Let's dive into what scripting looks like : ( We will use the same example of starting a business. ). I have a 4 step process to scripting as follows :

You Can Manifest Even If You Can't Meditate or Visualize

Journal Entry Step 1 

Step one is to write your story like it has already happened and you are living the life you want with gratitude. Be as descriptive as you want and really begin to feel the emotions. It would read something like " I am so grateful that I have created the life and business of my dreams. I am so happy I was able to decorate my office in all the rustic elements that I have ever wanted. It feels so amazing to help other people and loving what I am doing.....You can get more descriptive about the money you are making, the things you do, etc. 

Journal Entry Step 2 

Step two is write about how you want your day to turn out, but you are doing it as if it's already happened. It would read something like " I am so grateful my day was full of opportunity, joy and abundance ". I was able to help so many people prosper and in return I was able to prosper ". " It felt so amazing to be so full of creativity, peace and calm and I am so grateful for the opportunities that always present themselves to me.....etc

Journal Entry Step 3

Step three is to make a commitment to yourself and all your days to being a conduit of love, gratitude and joy. Commit to being in total alignment with your higher self and that the Universe|God|Source ( whomever you call your higher power ) is always working with you and for you. Commit to greatness for the good of all. 

Journal Entry Step 4

Step four is to thank your " source " God|Universe whomever you call your source with love for all the blessings you have received and the ones you have yet to receive. Be grateful and loving and thank them ( you can even name specifics ), thank them for always loving you, for always allowing the most amazing things and people to flow into your life easily and effortlessly. 

The point of Scripting is to retrain your brain, feel the emotion and live on paper as if everything you have ever wanted is already in your existence. You can do this daily, during a new moon, twice a week or once a month. It is totally up to you. If you have a hard time visualizing and/or meditating I do recommend daily for the first couple of week to really get into the habit of how this works and raising your vibration. 

Change Your Mindset And You Change Your Life




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