Wise Up Wednesday - Personal Power Affirmations & Negative Self Talk

Wise Up Wednesday - Personal Power Affirmations & Negative Self Talk

The weekend has come and gone, we are mid week and it's time to get through the rest of it! This Wise Up Wednesday I am offering up two of my new mindset cards from the " I AM Personal Power Affirmations " by Shaun D. Gibson and " Attitude of Gratitude Affirmations " also by Shaun D. Gibson. Wise Up Wednesday will continue each week with a new set of cards and is meant to offer you some insights on changing your mindset and getting over the mid week hurdles we sometimes face. The goal is for you to productively and consciously create an amazing end to your week revealing the power you have within YOU to consciously create the life and business you want. 

Personal Power Affirmations & Attitude of Gratitude

The First Card :

I HAVE THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE ...for the magic of the Universe and divine timing.What is this card saying? Patience and get out of your own way, that is what it is saying. See, there is divine timing to everything. We may not like it, but that is fact. Generally, we want to speed up the process of what we want so we become impatient and don't trust God, Universe, Source (whichever you would like to call Him). In our human minds we think He isn't moving fast enough, we are skipping through the lessons we are suppose to learn and we focus on the problem. This robs us of our joy and all the things that we do have to be grateful for. Instead, we become jealous of those around us that seem to be achieving more, we become hardened, depressed, frustrated and so on. This is actually counterproductive to what we are trying to obtain in our lives. Think of it like this: Sit in a dark room, now turn on a light? Can you still see the darkness? Turn off the light, can you see around you, can you see the light? No! No matter what you do you have clearly been shown that light cannot be seen in the dark. Now, imagine your brain, your heart, your conscious and sub-conscious mind. If your light ( positive thoughts ) goes out and it becomes dark (negative thoughts) which do you think will win the war if you are not consciously eliminating limiting beliefs and/or transforming your inner dialogue?

The Second Card 

I AM ... a powerful co-creator that honors my inner and outer being each day of my life. What does this mean exactly?  This simply means that you have to learn to love yourself more and to fully understand that the Universe, God, Source (again, whomever your pray to or prefer) has your back and the moment you desire something, He/She knows it and they work WITH you to bring the desired outcome. God, Universe or Source will, on your behalf, start to bring people, places, things and ideas to you and your being. It will come in the form of an idea or that Ah-ha moment or even a person that can help you get to where you are looking to be. The key here is to be open to all opportunities and possibilities and put in the effort. Don't expect to sit on the couch eating a bag of chips and have something fall from the sky. No matter what you are told, it just doesn't happen this way. If an idea just pops into your head, you still have action steps that need to be taken. This card is telling you to trust in yourself and the opportunities that are presented to you because they can and will matter. 

The bottom line is that you have to retrain your brain and clear all the clutter and lies that you have convinced yourself of.You are LOVED. You are AMAZING. You are a ENDLESS vehicle that can change your reality because you are a powerful being with a powerful being that only conspires to help you and give you exactly what you desire. It is your own limiting beliefs that tell you that you " Can Not ". It is these limiting beliefs that have convinced you that you are not worthy, not loved, not good enough...which has had you fighting an inner battle of dark and light. Stop. Stop it. You are THE LIGHT. 

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