The Power of Setting Intentions...Or Not

The Power of Setting Intentions...Or Not

You see and hear about it everywhere ; Set an intention and let it go. Oh, if only it was that easy. Setting intentions are powerful, but they are only as powerful as you believe. Setting intentions that do not resonate with you are intentions that you will never release the attachment to, and your vibration will never, ever match your intent, therefor your intention is as good as dead. 

Here's an example : You want to manifest more money. So, you set an intention to create $10,000 this month. That's a great intention, but probably a very unrealistic one for someone who has never managed to create $5,000 in a month. See, part of setting an intention is actually believing in the intention and yourself. It is unrealistic to think that you can out of the gate, intend on creating $10,000 a month, when you never set an intention to make $5,000. This intention becomes unbelievable to you and your subconscious already knows it. 

When writing an intention it is important to write, write a lot, until the intention written  resonates with you. If you write this " I plan on increasing my income to $10,000 this month " you have already set your intention up for failure. Here is why - You must act as though it is already here so a better intention would be " I am so grateful that my income HAS increased to $10,000 this month ".  The difference is that you have created an intention that tells the Universe this has already happened and so, the Universe must respond. BUT, if you state this intention with little to no emotion, your vibration does not match the intention and now your intention is less effective, if even effective at all. 

Starting small, starting with something believable helps you to create the faith that you need to go big and bigger. Sometimes setting small intentions like " I am receiving money now " is the only intention you need to start your path to successful and believable intentions. Whether you receive a penny, a dime or a free cup of coffee, when you set a believable intention like I just stated, you BELIEVE and when you believe you create a bigger intention with full belief it is happening, because it has already happened. 

With every intention there has to be action. Now, I am not saying that you set the intention and then stare at it until it happens. I am saying " Get up and do something ". If your intention is to create love in your life via your soulmate, you could set your intention,but if you sit home declining invitations from friends to go to dinner, Starbucks, the Club or the library, you are being counter productive and miss opportunities. See, the Universe has this really cool way of creating " opportunities " for us to create more income or meet the love of our life ", but if we sit and do absolutely nothing, then nothing happens. While we would all love for the Universe to magically create a hole in our roof and drop our soul mate or a bag of money, then reseal it, it doesn't work this way. Opportunities are created and we have to be willing and able to see them and accept them into our lives. Those little nudges or those little thoughts that pop into our heads, those are the signs from the Universe that they are working FOR YOU to manifest your hearts desire. 

Recap :

  • Set an intention that you can get behind. One that is believable. One that you can feel good about. 
  • When writing your intention, don't just write one, write many and keep writing and re-writing until it resonates with you. You will know it. You will feel " Yes ! This is the one ! " 
  • Write the intention as though it has already happened. Don't use words like can, can't, maybe, or anything that says " future ". 
  • Take action steps. Go out, read self help books, mediate with crystals, list more products ( if you're a seller ), create digital downloads, take a survey. Look for the nudges and signs that the Universe is giving you.
  • Release the attachment of " Maybe it will happen " or " It hasn't happened yet " or anything else that keeps you guessing or wondering when it will. The Universe does the " Who, What, When and Where ". Your job is to just " Show up ". 

Go, go ? Go, be a manifesting King & Queen and keep creating more. The power is within YOU, not outside of you. 

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