The Benefits of Citrine Crystal Healing

The Benefits of Citrine Crystal Healing

Do you need a boost in creativity ? Are you feeling like your energy is drained and your creative juices are not flowing ? Here is a great affirmation for you today and an amazing crystal that can help in so many areas of your life and business.

" I have an inner light that cannot be extinguished. "

Did you know that Citrine is an amazing crystal for :

💜Physical Vitality
💜Clarity and Enlightenment
💜Success and Power
💜Spiritual Cleanser

🔮Citrine also carries powers of the sun so it can give you inspiration, increase your energy, raise your vibration and give you the drive needed to finish or start new things. Citrine can also assist with attracting money and Luck !

Carry citrine with you or wear citrine and you will constantly be connected with light. And, the more you carry it with you, the more you and your crystal will create a bond.

Citrine, is also a great manifesting stone and will amplify intentions as you set them.

Associated with the Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra's.

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