Starting a Print on Demand Business with Printify

Starting a Print on Demand Business with Printify

Starting a Print on Demand Business with Printify. If you are wanting to start a business but don't know where to start this was meant for you. Most people want to start a business but with minimalist approaches many don't have the room to hold inventory. Don't allow this to stop you. A print on demand company is a company that allows you to take your designs and offer a variety of different products for sale without ever having to hold on to the inventory. 

Starting a Print on Demand Business

POD companies like Printify not only print your design on the many products they offer, but they also package and ship the product right to your customers door. You can create winning storefronts on Etsy or your own stand alone website like Shopify. Easily integrated you can point your Printify products directly to Etsy or Shopify. When a sale is placed on any of these platforms Printify is notified and they begin to process and fulfill your order(s). 

Starting a Print on Demand Business with Printify Overview : 

Advantages to a Print on Demand Company

  • You are not responsible for inventory
  • They track every order
  • The POD company processes and ships your orders
  • Operate your business from anywhere

Recommended POD Company

Hands down I have to go with printify here. The reason I recommend printify is because no matter what is happening in the world or with products they have contracted with some of the best in the printing industry. This ensures that your product will be processed and shipped in a timely manner. If one production partner cannot complete an order you can automatically set your preferences to allow another to print and ship. It is that easy. 


There are several ways that you can come up with the designs you need for the products you are interested in selling. The first thing that you can do if you want to design yourself is utilize Canva. Canva has a free and low cost paid version. If you're just starting out you can use the free version of canva to get your feet wet, but as you start to advance you will have access to more graphics and templates with the paid version. It's worth it!

Start a Print on Demand Business Using Canva Graphic Art

The second option is to hire a freelancer, virtual assistant or graphic designer on Fiverr who are amazing at creating graphics for a variety of products. Starting a Print on Demand Business with Printify has literally never been easier. With so many options to get started and a variety of products at your disposal you can be up and running in a matter of a couple of hours. 

Find a Graphic Designer Freelancer or Virtual Assistant on Fiverr

Products Available Through Printify 

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Tote Bags and Bookbags
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Adult and Children's apparel
  • Gifts and Accessories
  • Hats and Beanies 
  • Notebooks and Journals
  • Stickers, Stationery & Magnets
  • Home Decor 
  • and so much MORE

While some of this may seem intimidating, every day ordinary people with no skills are creating big and small business using the very methods that I have outlined here. The possibilities are endless and it's a great way to supplement income or eventually replace your 9-5 job if that is what you want. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It will require work, dedication and consistency from you, but anyone can do it. I've trained young adults right out of high school to the retired with limited technology skills. 

If you need some help, have questions or need direction, feel free to contact me. I'd love to help! 

Melissa Grant Freelancer Mindset Coach Lifestyle and Business Strategies

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