Living a More Positive & Abundant Life by Taking Action

Living a More Positive & Abundant Life by Taking Action

If you are finding it hard to live a more positive, abundant life, you are not alone. As hard as we try, life happens, traffic happens, coffee spills on your white blouse happens, baby spit up happens, the electric bill happens and so does that flat tire on the way to work when you're already late. Through all of it, this is life. It doesn't stop, it doesn't change, the world keeps spinning. We change our clothes, we change the tire, we pay the bill and at the end of the day it's not what has happened that defines us, it's how we react to it....

Often times these little life happenings sets the stage for the day. We allow the little things to seem bigger. Although inconvenient at the time they happen the most important thing you can do is to not allow it to define the rest of your day. For many, when things like this happen we automatically assume and declare " I knew I should have stayed in bed ", " What the hell else is going to happen today ? ", " Well, this day is going to suck " and does. The Universe just accepted your challenge and has decided to give you more because this is what your vibration is a match to. Your energy is vibrating at a level of anger, frustration and negativity which is exactly why more of the " Life happens " happenings manifest in front of your eyes. 

How do you stop the negativity, frustration and.or anger ? Recognize your thoughts and statements as they happen. It's okay to embrace them for the moment, but learn to move beyond them once you do. Don't hold on to them or harbor them. Redirect your thoughts back to an uplifting / positive state. For some people this is really hard to do. It was for me as well when I first started recognizing and embracing whatever feeling I was having or whatever reaction I was having to something. Using the proper tools, techniques or a combination of to keep your vibration at the highest possible level is crucial to your success of living a more positive, abundant life. 

Here are some tips from creating a more positive, abundant life and turning bad reaction habits into positive ones :

  • Prayer - Prayer is an effective method of " releasing " the idea, problem, feeling and / or emotion. It allows the person to " talk out loud " about the situation and believe that the solution is on it's way. It is a way of faith. 
  • Affirmations - Affirmations retrain our brain to believe something that we would not have ordinarily. They are positive and uplifting and eventually the thought we are speaking becomes activated on a subconscious level and redirects our patterns to a more positive one. 
  • Meditation - Meditation allows us to clear our thoughts and get into a more peaceful state. It helps to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety and pretty much all factors that prevent us from feeling uplifted and happy. 
  • Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, worry and fear. It can assist with increasing mood and mental focus. It can heighten meditation experiences, and provides an over all wellness spiritually, mentally and physically. 
  • Gemstones - Gemstones/Crystals contain strong vibrations that assist with over all wellness for mind, body and soul. They can increase positive mood, clear negativity energy, eliminate fears ( or at least lesson them ) increase mental focus, and attract desires like love, abundance, prosperity, joy and peace. 
  • Pendulums - While pendulums have many uses,  pendulums are fantastic for balancing chakra's and eliminating stuck negative energy. 
  • Encouraging & Mantra Jewelry - Jewelry like this is beneficial because it gives the wearer a tangible item to look at and feel with simple, subtle reminders. It helps to redirect negative thoughts back to a positive thought pattern, promotes hope, peace and joy. 

Everything listed above are tools that will help to assist in creating more positive habits that will lead to a more positive and abundant life. When redirecting yourself away from a bad habit ( like negativity ) it is extremely important to replace the bad habit with a good one. 


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