Laser Cut Wood Tree of Life Ornament With Genuine Crystals

Laser Cut Wood Tree of Life Ornament With Genuine Crystals

I love being creative. It allows me to stretch my imagination and create things that inspire and offer positive health and wellness. 

I have worked with Aromatherapy and Crystals for nearly two decades and their energies are unmatched. When you put the two together it's like putting your emotions/vibrations on a rocket and launching yourself right into the Universe. 

Laser Cut Wood Tree of Life Ornament With Crystals

I had a vision of some new ornaments I wanted to do this year, but nothing seemed to pan out. Clearly, I was on the wrong path because nothing " felt right " upon completion. Many things were in production, that many ended up in the recycle bin. When I create it has to " feel right " especially when I am creating and infusing with Reiki Energy. After many attempts I was able to secure these laser cut wood tree discs. My heart just sang and I knew I was on the right path for creating something unique, beautiful and inspired by spiritual health and wellness. There is nothing better than taking all elements of nature and putting them together to create something that will benefit everyone, no matter their spiritual walk. 

This Ornament is special to me because I was able to capture all the earthly elements and take it one step further and even offer them up for aromatherapy purposes. Since each disc is created from natural wood, they naturally absorb oils and liquid and after testing with my essential oils they hold fragrance extremely well, so anyone can also benefit from aromatherapy. Infused with genuine tumbled healing crystals in a variety of stones, shapes and sizes, it makes for a truly unique piece that is great for gift giving or for yourself. They were created to be versatile so you can use them year round, not just on Christmas Tree's. I completed the project with a black satin ribbon that makes it easy to affix to rear view mirrors, to use as wall art and will even sit upon a decorative stand making them great for office desk's, night stands or just rustic home decor. 

Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments

Quantities are extremely limited as I am unsure of how long or how many more laser cuts I can secure. Currently, there are 3 different styles in my store(s). You can click on my Store tab above to be taken to any of my stores. As always if you have any questions, concerns or want to speak with me about having something custom made, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

May your day be blessed and abundance over flow for you.

To View and Purchase the Ornament, Please CLICK HERE 

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