It's Just One of Those Days and It Doesn't Define You

It's Just One of Those Days and It Doesn't Define You

Lately, I have run across many people who all seem to be saying the same thing, including myself... " I am in a funk, I feel out of sorts, I am not focused, and I just feel blah ".  If everyone who was feeling this way stood in line we could probably wrap ourselves clear around the world. So, don't feel alone in those feelings because you are not. Feelings like this suck especially when you are generally a grounded person, but these feelings are temporary and they do not define you. 

Today, is October 3, 2017 and in the last 40 days ( give or take some ) the world has experienced Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, NFL protests, a massacre in Las Vegas, the death of a legend, Tom Petty and whatever else someone may be experiencing on a more personal level. Whether you experienced these things personally or not doesn't really matter. You have experienced them. All you have to do is launch any social media app and you see it. You see it all. You can't turn on your television and not see it. There have been deaths, destruction, hatred, violence, anger, pain, politics, and frustration, just to name a few, everywhere we turn. You're human and whether we are right there in the thick of it or not, it all tugs on our heart strings. In some ways it beats us down, it leaves us feeling defeated, helpless, annoyed and deeply saddened. Every single feeling you are experiencing is because YOU ARE AN AMAZING and WONDERFUL PERSON.   

A person who thinks, feels, empathizes, IS an amazing and wonderful person. And, that is what defines you. The person you really are underneath all the feelings of defeat and sadness. Feelings are normal and feelings are valid no matter who agrees with them or disagrees with them. Sometimes, we just have to take a couple steps back and be still in the moments and feelings. It's a time of reflection and honestly why shouldn't we welcome our feelings ? As long as we don't allow those feelings to unpack and stay for a long period of time, it is healthy to embrace our feelings and recognize them. This doesn't mean we are not successful in business or relationships anymore. It doesn't mean we are going to lose everything, it doesn't mean we will be submerged in deep debt or anything that your mind may want to make you believe. The fact is, we are just having " feelings " and feelings do not define us. Feelings help us heal, they help us move past things. They help us grow. It is literally, " Just one of those days ". 

Take some time for self care. Focus on you. Focus on the feeling(s) and dig deep as to why you feel that way, but remember the events that have taken place are and were out of your control. You are simply having a reaction to them because you are an amazing and wonderful person. And, if you can't answer the " Why " then just be okay with it being

" Just one of those days and it doesn't define you " ~ You're still wonderful, amazing and beautiful on the inside and out. 


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