Is Love Out of Balance - Learning to Love Yourself

Is Love Out of Balance - Learning to Love Yourself

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Is the LOVE in your life out of balance ? I’m not talking about with a partner, I’m talking about YOU, how you love yourself ?Do you love yourself or are you just existing within yourself ? Do you accept yourself and your accomplishments ? Do you embrace the learning experiences or deem them failures and allow them to define who you are ?

If you’re not sure how to answer those questions or if you answered yes, then, your love is out of balance ! Sometimes, even to the best people, things happen. When we don’t deal with those things , feel the emotions and work through them, things begin to define us. A failed relationship doesn’t define you, it makes you stronger, it was a lesson taught. Weight gain from having children doesn’t define you, embrace your body and the beautiful gift it gave you. Whatever the situation, every single one of them can and will change if you recognize the love for yourself is out of balance and take action steps to make you feel better about yourself.

The fact is before you can love someone else, before you can find yourself in gratitude mode, you have to love yourself and embrace the person that you really are not the person you invented because of circumstances. That person is an illusion.
While a make over, weight loss, redecorating your sacred space, or a hip new outfit is a stepping stone to making you feel better about yourself, you have to begin to look within. Look at your accomplishments, turn your disappointments into growth experiences, we are all here to learn after all. Begin to focus on the matters of the heart ( inward ) and create goals for all the other things on the outside. Chip away at them a little at a time, accomplishing one after the other. Start with small goals, if you want to lose weight start your goal with wanting to lose 5 lbs and when you do, check it off your list and tell yourself you will lose 5 more. Rinse and repeat. While your looking inward only make a list of the things you like about yourself, from that list, list how you can make those things better. We can always do better. While you focus on the things you like about yourself and create goals on making them better, you’re focused on the positive things , so, there is no room for the negative things to take over as they did before.

It takes an average of 21 days to change habits. Commit to at least that long and you will be surprised at how much changes in your life and how you will want to continue this journey.

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