How Do You Stay Motivated ?

What is your motivation at home or in the office ? 
Do you have a mantra ? Do you have a list of affirmations hanging on your wall, or sitting next to your calendar ? Do you have a dream board or a gratitude journal ?
Motivational Word Stones for Mindfulness
Let's face it, while life is full of beautiful things it can also hand us a few of the ugly misfits that none of us bargain for. In a perfect world, everything is perfect. That's not the world we live in. 
Sometimes it's hard to tune it all out, tuning back in the happy thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions can sometimes have a mind of their own, no matter how many times we tell ourselves it doesn't. 
These motivational message stones I created give myself a quick reminder of what is really important when life hands us a few of those lemons. With inspirational words such as Believe, Success, Inspire, Joy, Imagine, Love, Laugh, Live, Harmony, Hope, Dream, Peace, Friends, Faith, Family, I can get back on track with my gratitude journey and quickly release the negative influences that affect my day, my life, my personal and business relationships.
Shaped like a worry stone and that of a real stone, with all their bumps and bruises, just holding onto one of these can help me see that the journey a rock took, no matter how bumpy. A simple reminder they can surely turn out beautiful with all their shapes and colors no matter how long or rough the journey was. 

These are simple to make on your own. Using only plaster paris and a silicone mold. All can be found on Etsy, Amazon or in your local hobby store.
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