Family Mindset And How You Can Get Your Children On The Right Track

Family Mindset And How You Can Get Your Children On The Right Track

As parents we know that our children watch us. They watch what we say, what we do, our action and our reactions. These very things begin to mold the character of our children and their actions, reactions, morals and values tend to mimic ours. Teaching our children positive mindset can begin at any age. It is never too late. Today, many of our youth are lost. They are lost in video games, television, the news and more importantly the opinions of peers...whether good, bad or indifferent. It's more important than ever to teach our children how their mind and emotions play a key role in their success and ultimately their happiness. 

Teenagers are faced with the extreme on social media, they are face to face with more bullying than I have ever seen. They are faced with body image and the need to be perfect, they are faced with violence, racism, hatred and even extreme anger. This is their daily lives in school, on social media, in the video games they play and the television shows they watch. They see and hear more about depression, anxiety, hate and anger than they do happiness, peace and love. 

As parents it's hard to monitor matter how hard we try. While we cannot sit in classroom every single day or shield our children from the dysfunction of the current world we live in, what we can do is teach them other ways of working through the things they see and show them another world exists. A world filled with love, compassion, joy and alignment with themselves and not with everyone else. 

In order for a positive mindset to exist it should co-exist with their immediate family members. This is what makes it most effective. It's important that we teach our children that life happens, but how we react is what defines us. The " What happened " doesn't define us, our reaction does. It's important that we let them know that a test and it's score does not define them. A math test does not measure the child's ability to show compassion, love, and it doesn't measure the amazing and unique qualities that the child has. We must teach our children to embrace their bodies and love the body they are in. We should teach our children that we are all human beings, with faults and amazing qualities that are different that help us to compliment each other. When we begin to do this we teach our children to love and embrace themselves and they will then begin to see the world and the people in it differently. When they begin to love themselves, they will learn to love others and love life and this will change their mindset to a more positive one. 

Teaching our children these things and teaching them how to release thoughts that do not serve their higher good and potential makes for a more productive person. They begin to see solutions rather than problems. They invite people into their space that matches their emotional vibration which in turn brings things that match these emotional vibrations as well. 

Start over and start a new beginning with your child if you haven't already. Change, while it may be uncomfortable is the most amazing thing and transformation. There are very simple ways to start over and rebirth the mind, body and soul ! Here are some examples :


Balloons - This is one of our favorites at home. You can do it anytime or during a new moon or full moon. If you have a child that needs to move past troubled times have him/her write them down. Tape these to a balloon and have the child declare that they will no longer allow those thoughts, feelings or troubles to take control of their life. Let them understand that those problems and thoughts are now released to the universe/God and they no longer serve a purpose in their lives. 

Bonfire - By providing the child with a journal or paper they can do the same as they did with the balloon method ( writing it down ) only this time they with supervision will burn their papers. The same understanding holds true here as with the balloons and the children should be reminded those thoughts, patterns, feelings and troubles no longer serve them and they are now ash - gone. 

SETTING INTENTIONS - Intentions are like goals. And, are extremely important to a positive mindset. I love the balloon method with setting intentions with children ( and even myself ) but the burn method works just as well. I've even made some cool boxes with my children that they could decorate and make their own. The purpose of this is for the child to write down any intentions. Some examples would be " Better grades in school ", a reward they want, to help others more, etc, etc. They write these things down. It is better to start with 1 or 2 but it's okay to do more. Tape them to the balloon and release it, or use the burn method or inside their box. The lesson to learn with this is that once they are burned, released with the balloon or put in their box, they are to just then trust and allow the Universe to do its work. They don't have to do anything but be on the look out for things that the Universe and/or God will bring into their path. The greatest thing about this is that it does change mindsets because children start to study more, they begin to look for people to help and the best thing...the Universe is responding over and over again with much more. When this happens the kids begin to feel that life is happening in a great way for them and they tend to stay on this path ! 


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