How to be mindful of your thoughts and habits

Don't Lose Your Sparkle Within By Focusing On Circumstances

Have you lost your sparkle within ? Know that if you have it's okay, it happens a lot more then you think. We live in an instant gratification world where things are hurried, where time is always of the essence and impatient. There seem to be apps for everything and within a matter of seconds we can find answers to some of the most complex questions...or can we ?

More and more I hear of friends, clients and even family stating the same thing " Why isn't life working ? " I am doing everything *right*, I eat healthy, I exercise, I work, I pray, I meditate, I clear my energy, I unblock my chakra's, I drink gallons of water ... and so on...yet, nothing is going right ? My house is upside down, my bank account is empty, my kids are constantly fighting, I never see my husband/wife and I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Positive Living Through Quotes and Mindfulness

Let's back IS working, it's working the way you have orchestrated it to work. While you were busy doing, not noticing, life took control of you and now you are merely just existing in a twisted sense of reality that you call life. Sad, but true. Most of us have done it. The good news is that if you are reading this, if you have hit your rock bottom and are doing the one thing you know how to do : live in our instant gratification world of googling a topic, a question, a query and expecting to find an instant gratification answer of how to fix it. It isn't going to work that way. You have just " existed " for far too long. You have been allowing life to pass you by, like many of us have You have created a world of WTF ? I know, been there, done that. So, how do you fix it ? Well, I'm going to be are going to have to work, not hardly work, not sit on the couch and wave some sort of magic wand or wiggle your nose kind of work, you are going to have to recognize that you are just existing and make a conscious effort to LIVE and not just exist.

First, understand that your entire being is currently running on autopilot of the day ins and day outs. You have taught your being to do this and complain about it and now you have to re-teach it by looking at what you do and the why you are doing them. For example, you're tired of doing laundry...I was too. But, why are you doing laundry ? Is it to provide excellent hygiene for your family ? To make sure the frogs and lizards your son put in the pocket are saved from drowning and heat stroke ( giggle - I've raised 3 boys ... I get it ) ? Look at not only what you are doing but find the side of " why ". Stop looking at it as chaos, chore's, what you don't have time for or don't really want to do it, but instead focus on the "why " and the outcome. You DO want to do it because by doing it you are providing your family with the abundance of health & cleanliness. That matters ! So, you hate watching money go out of your bank account to pay bills, pay for your daughters braces or your son's soccer equipment. Well, news DO want to do these things. Why ? Because your daughters crooked teeth and over-bite are creating low self esteem and she wants to smile ! Your son is learning how to work within a team, learning structure, boundaries and gaining valuable training he cannot do sitting in his room playing X-Box. The why, the outcome becomes so much clearer and happier. Remember, there are single mom's, or dad's, and the unemployed who can't pay their electric bills, be grateful for what you DO have and focus on the why and bills won't seem so bad anymore. In other words be just as grateful for the money going out as you are grateful for the money coming in. 

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts and Habits

The point to this and to the above examples are to show you that life will not change, you will continue to just exist if you continue looking at life through the same eye's you have been. In order for life to change, to be different, how you react to it has to change and be different. There is no magic wand, no wiggle of the nose. This is reality and the reality is that for so long you have taught and trained your mind, for the most part, life is a big fat inconvenience filled with things you didn't ask for and don't want. But what you do not understand is that EVERYTHING in life is a learning experience. You keep asking for peace and freedom and yet life IS trying to show you how to achieve that. It's trying to give you a new set of eyes so that you focus on the outcomes not the circumstance. It's trying to teach you to focus on the solution and not the problem. Without chaos would you understand gratitude ? Without loss would you understand love ? Without money going out would you be grateful for money coming in ?

​In order to change your life and truly find your sparkle you have to change the way you live and see life. The sparkle within you is buried way down deep. Buried among the dirty laundry, the car pools, the frozen dinners and life. Your soul wants to sparkle and wants to escape the cage you put it in...and it was you who put it there. 

Recap & Exercises :

  • Remember, look at outcomes and what you do or will gain from.
  • Get excited about something, anything and be in that emotional moment for as long as you can. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for.
  • Create an affirmation or mantra for the moments when you feel yourself sliding back into old habits of despair and/or chaos.

Blessings and Sparkle,

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