Dear Etsy Seller Are You Guilty By Association?

Dear Etsy Seller Are You Guilty By Association?

You are excited to sell your supplies or handmade goods. You go into Etsy, create your seller account and begin listing products you have spent countless hours preparing. Then, nothing happens. What seems like every hour you are peeking at your stats only to see no conversions. Why? You've taken pride in your products, you have meticulously put them together, and you are proud of your work. 

I am not going to get into how SEO works in this post and how that could be an issue, we have bigger fish to fry first and foremost. And, that is how your store looks? Does it look professional? Does it actually look like a business or a "fly by night, I am going to take your money and run ". I see this happening to a lot of people because they do not understand that the aesthetics of a store is your branding, it is your professional appearance as others observe your inventory. Aside from the fact that many of the areas Etsy wants you to fill in are part of SEO (search engine optimization), they are also a part of how customers will view your store as a whole. 

Advice For Etsy Sellers

In the last couple of months I have witnessed customers making purchases for face masks where stores are blank other than product listings. Then, all over social media I see these customers reviewing said store after not receiving hundreds of dollars worth of product. They all have the same thing in common - the store was blank. No profile, no banners, nothing to make it look like a store. Then, I have had clients come to me with little to no sales wondering why. When I go into their shop it is blank other than listings. Nothing has been filled out. There is no banner, no copy written, nothing. All it has are product listings. 

In many cases the Etsy seller trying to do the right thing, just sell things they believe in, are guilty by association for the seller not doing the right thing. A store that is trying to dupe the customer is often left blank so nothing can lead back to them. Before long you see the negative feedback rolling in all basically stating the same thing "I have never received my item". Are you getting the idea? At the end of the day it doesn't matter how much heart you put into your products. A blank store is a blank store. In this day and age of social media it is beyond easy for anyone to go onto any platform and convey the message of "Do not buy from a store that is blank and doesn't look like a store". Nine times out of ten after a person see's this type of information every store they encounter that is blank, they will remember what they read and more than likely close out of your store and find a more reputable one. 

How To Brand Your Etsy Store and Look Professional and Trusted

By setting up your shop in its entirety you look professional and trusted regardless of feedback or how many sales you have had. Customers do understand that a business has to start somewhere. Customers ARE more likely to purchase from a store that looks put together and professional. How can you accomplish this? By filling out the fields Etsy provides :

  1. Shop Title - What are you selling?
  2. Shop Announcement - Sum up what you are selling, any other offers and a bit about your product.
  3. Shop Sections - Easily organize your product by category so that a customer can navigate to the product they want and/or need.
  4. Shop Banner - With free resources like canva or pic monkey there is absolutely no reason whatsoever you cannot at the very least put a simple banner together. Even a collage of your products would work.
  5. Shop Logo/Avatar - again with free resources you can quickly put this together
  6. Shop Icon - This is where everyone wants to see your logo again or pretty face.
  7. Shop Member - What is your role? Who are you in your business
  8. Shop Slideshow - Give customers a sneak peak at your upcoming products or you in action behind the scenes creating your products
  9. Shop About Section and Title - Your products, your story, how you got started. Why you do what you do.
  10. Shop Location - This helps with local searches

Don't be guilty by association because you are leaving your Etsy shop blank. The back end of your shop is an extension of you and your products. Make it beautiful, professional and show you are a trusted store. 

If you need assistance or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

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