Mindfulness Plays a Huge Roll In Success Don't Be Manipulated

Are You Being Manipulated? Of Course You Are

I would like to think that we all have our own minds and that no one can tell us what to think, how to feel or what decisions to make. Unfortunately, that isn't true. The human mind is being manipulated more than we think. While I always knew, this light was definitely shed when I watched the Netflix documentary " The Social Experiment". If you haven't watched this yet I strongly recommend that you do. If nothing else you will understand the words I am about speak here no matter how much social media you engage in. 

Have you ever really wanted to do something and you were really passionate about it? Then, you got the brilliant idea to talk to your bestie or your significant other and your light was quickly dimmed by the thoughts and statements (known as opinions) and those thoughts didn't match yours? What did you do after? Did you second guess yourself? Did you scrap the idea? Did you get angry and frustrated and walk away and then later walk away from the idea? You were manipulated. 

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Mindfulness plays a huge roll in your success no matter what it is. From the business you have and want to start, to the clothes you wear and the car you drive. In other words some of it is trying to keep up with the Joneses. Society, the news, friends, our significant others all have opinions. Sometimes we will welcome them and even feel their advice is best for our life at the moment. But, often times we allow others to manipulate our minds into doing the exact opposite of what we really want. Why? Is it because we value their opinion more than our own? Whoa. Think about that for a minute. Is it because we feel they have more knowledge or are more educated than we are? When you practice mindfulness you are conscious of your own thoughts and feelings including both negative and positive self talk. Quickly, you will discard what doesn't feel good to you instead of giving in to what you should do or shouldn't for that matter. You will still value the opinions of others, but you will not allow them or their voices to stop you from doing something you feel passionate about. You will be in control of your thoughts even under negative influence.

We've all been guilty of allowing others to take over our thoughts essentially killing the very ideas that we feel deep within our being. Guess what? When we feel those things to our deepest core not one person is going to understand it and when they don't understand something, they dismiss it. It's human nature. Our brains are designed to go into protective mode when we begin to move outside of our comfort zone. Our brains are designed that way.

Care more about yourself your feelings and your dreams than you do about others

Being mindful does not mean that you have to devalue the thoughts or opinions of someone else. It simply means you will value your own thoughts and opinions more. It means that your thoughts will supersede the thoughts of someone else. It means that you will lovingly take into consideration their opinion on a matter but ultimately you will not allow it to hinder your progress or put you in such a negative mood that you believe your idea is stupid. 

Have you ever sat back late at night and thought " If I only followed through with what I wanted to do"?. You recognized somewhere along the line that your mind was manipulated and opinions took you away from your desires. This is mindfulness and mindfulness should be measured daily. 

Don't just exist. Start living. Start being conscious of your thoughts. You will end up so much happier in the end.

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