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For more than two decades I have helped the everyday modern person become all that they are meant to be. Through a variety of business and self help tools you too can become a conscious creator. I teach you how to create the business and life of your dreams, manifest both the lifestyle and business you've always wanted. Simple action steps, products and resources that you need to succeed. I have successfully helped thousands and no matter where you are in your life or business the key is to just simply...GET STARTED. Visualize, Focus, Create and Transform.

Creative Balanced Solutions

Gain the insight and tools that you need to become a conscious creator. Specializing in creative balanced solutions for lifestyle and business. Whether you want to learn how to manifest, change your mindset, get into alignment, business tips, and/or mindfulness, I offer a variety of tools and resources so that you can become a conscious creator. Define your purpose and your goals whether in life or business. Building a strong foundation creates a successful life, business and future. Learn how to automate and delegate so that you can fall in love with yourself and your business again.

Vital Sense LLC Behind The Brand

I was once in your shoes. Just a simple girl with a lot of dreams, the will to put in the effort, but surrounded myself with all the wrong people or information that could squash a dream in a less than minute. The do's, the do not's, the opinions, the doubt. All the things that would make me second guess myself, what I really wanted to do or needed to do. That huge part of me that tugged at my soul every day to just " do it " to just " keep going " and yet there was someone or something holding me back. It was ME because in the end what others thought, said or did in reality didn't matter. What mattered was me and what my purpose was and ensuring I was aligned with it. That's why I am here. To help you align with your purpose or to even find it if that is what is needed. It doesn't matter if you crochet, don't know where to start or have an idea that will knock the socks off your favorite designer brand. Together, we will make a plan and build you a successfule future. You deserve it.

You Really ARE Amazing

Here's the thing you've probably had someone in your life or something beat you down mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. It's the societal norm today. So many believe that there isn't enough to go around so they turn to bully tactics to try and squash your ideas before you can even put a plan into action. You start to doubt yourself, wonder if your idea or what you really want in life is actually " that thing ". You start to doubt if you're capable, if you're worthy and if you even have the ambition to do it. This self doubt and negative self talk has probably stopped you from doing some of the most amazing things in your life. That's okay because everything happens in divine timing. The " pause " as I like to call it more than likely has lit a fire under you now and nothing that anyone says or does will hinder you this time. If this is you ... then you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

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    Vital Sense LLC offers a wide range of products and services that are meant to inspire, and promote a positive lifestyle and business that will help you on your journey to success. Our custom collections and packages offer an amazing experience that allow you to keep growing personally and professionally.


    Unleash the power within you by tapping into the tools and resources that put mindfulness to work. Mindset Matters! By being conscious of how and what you think, you can learn to manifest greater outcomes, quickly and efficiently whether in life or in business. Awaken the sparkle within you, empower yourself, and live your best life. 


    Everyday you start with a blank page. You get to write your story. Make it count. You were born to be amazing. Get into alignment with your life and business. The true strategy to being successful, happy and abundant. With a mission to uplift we provide a variety of services and products that grow with you and make a statement.

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Crystals For Lifestyle & Business

One of my most favorite things that nature has provided us is crystals. Crystals have been used for centuries to promote a positve wellbeing, manifestation and meditation. Crystals ROCK, literally, pun intended! Crystals emit positive energy that assist with uplifting, calming, revitalizing and bringing peace. They can balance chakra's, promote abundance, creativity, love and so much more. From creating crystal grids to adding crystals to wealth corners to simply meditating while holding a crystal, crystals act as a conduit for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. Use alone or pair with your favorite herb (another favorite of mine) to create beautiful, healthy spaces!

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  • Work With Me

    As a freelancer I offer a variety of services. My experience & background allows me to take an intuitive approach in business so you can thrive!

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WOW In Your New Business

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned business, just getting started or just birthed a new idea you can WOW yourself and others in no time. From business branding, to re-branding to the creative tools that work with you to help you automate and delegate. From planners and a positive mindset to determing which platform or business model works for you. As a business and lifestyle mentor I take the guess work out so that your future becomes a visual tangible thing.

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  • Printify Build a POD Print on Demand Company with no inventory from t shirts mugs clothing office accessories and more


    Printify is one of the easiest POD companies to work with. Low cost, fast processing & shipping. From t shirts, mugs + more products they have it all.

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  • Etsy is a handmade platform for all artisan's who want to showcase their designs and creativity links easily to most print on demand companies. Get 40 free listings for signing up for your seller account and becoming the next rockstar on Etsy


    Etsy allows you to easily integrate your products from Printify so that you can start selling after designing. Get 40 free listings when you sign up to sell.

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  • Create stunning graphics with Canva whether you are starting your own etsy shop or building shopify websites free and pro accounts available with an abundance design templates


    Whether you need to create digital designs for tees, mugs or mousepads, Canva has got your covered. Free and low cost Pro accounts available.

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  • Find a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant on Fiverr to Help Your Business


    Fiverr is a great place to find freelancers, graphic designers, video templates, social media graphics and so much more. Find a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant for all your needs.

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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are great for business who want to offer special promotions....